Lab Activity

2013 Winter Lab Seminar

"Persistent UAV service : Overview", Byungduk Song

"Toward to the Outdoor Experiment of UAV Service", Seunghyeon Lee

"Comparison of deterministic flow line with the one with non-overlapping random service times", Jinhyuk Yun

"System Resource Design for Persistent UAV Service using Petri net ", Hyorin Park

"Relationship between Cycle Time and Setup Value in Single type Preventive Maintenance Scheduling", Minho Lee


2014 Summer Lab Seminar

"Finding Markovian Property on Multiclass Deterministic Flow Line", Sang Yoon Bae

"System Architecture for UAV Escort Service", Seunghyeon Lee

"Planning of Preventive Maintenance Activities : Incorporating Imperfect Maintenance into a G/G/m Queueing Model", Minho Lee

"Cycle Time and Throughput Models of Clustered Photolithography Tools for Fab-Level Simulation", Jungyeon (John) Park

"K-Pop Idol Industry", Minhyung Lee

"Fab-Level Preventive Maintenance Scheduling", Jin Ho Shin

"Analysis of the Resources Required for Persistent Robotic Service", Hyorin Park

"UAV Platform : Recharge Station", Mohamed Messaad


2014 Winter Lab Seminar

"UAV Security Escort Service: System architecture & Scheduling program", Hyorin Park

"Decision Support Scheduling for Maritime Search and Rescue Planning with a System of UAVs and Fuel Service Stations", Seung Hyeon Lee

"Markovian Modeling of Single-Channel Multiclass Deterministic Flow Lines with Random Arrival", Bae sang yoon

"Fab-level Preventive Maintenance Scheduling: Part.2 Autosched AP simulation skills @ application", Jinho Shin

"Planning of Preventive Maintenance Activities: 4 types of event model according to PMs assumption", Minho Lee

"Introduction to ROS and UAV Operating System", Brad hy Lee


2015 Winter Lab Seminar

"ROS Programming for UAV Control", Brad hy Lee

"Markovian Modeling in the UAV system", Min Jun Kim

"PM planning optimization with multiple PM types", Min Ho Lee

"Analysis of the resources required for persistent robotic service", Hyo Rin Park


2016 Summer Lab Seminar

"Simulation Based Investigation of Conservation Laws in Queueing Networks", Aamir Malik

"Study to Compare Global and Local Perspectives in PM Planning Optimization for Semiconductor Wafer Fabricators ", Jin Ho Shin

"Scheduling UAV system for persistent service ", Kyu ree Ahn

"Review MDP, RL and UAV system modeling under uncertainty", Min Jun Kim

"Analysis of the resources required & repositioning platform for charging station", Hyo Rin Park

"Design and Implementation of GPS Tracking ROS Package", Brad hy Lee

"Design and Implementation of autonomous tracking & landing UAV ", Dong jin Kim


2016 Winter Lab Seminar

"G/G/M Queueing Networks Model with Application to Fab Datasets", Jinho Shin

"Study to the Accuracy of the Approximation for the Mean Cycle time with PM Events ", Minho Lee

"Applying Support Vector Machine to Exit Recursion Models ", Jiyoon Lee

"Branch and Price Algorithm for Vehicle Routing Problem : Tutorial", Kyuree Ann

"Overview of Doctoral Thesis and work by Ure", Inwook Kim

"Persistence UAV security service : Architecture and prototype implementation", Hyorin Park


2017 Summer Lab Seminar

"Proof of Exit Recursion for Hybrid Flow Line", Sangyoon Bae

" ", Minho Lee

"Optimization of Preventive and Preditive Maintenance Plans for Modern Semiconductor Fabricator", Jinho Shin

"Applying Neural Network in Predicting Cycle Time of Semiconductor Production ", Jiyoon Lee

"Implement Reinforcement learning Approach to Preventive Maintenance Scheduling ", TaeHyung Kim

"Analysis of the resources required & Architecture and prototype implementation of PUSP service", Hyorin Park

"A framework for online task allocation(OTA) and real-time path planning(RTPP) of multi-UAV based on learning approach", Inwook Kim

"Multi-agent MDP model for task allocation in persistent robotic security service", Minjun Kim

"A Generalized Vehicle Routing Problem for Persistent UAV Syste", Kyuree Ann

"", Dohyun Yeon

"Robust sub-optimal multi-robot task allocation based on performances of human-mimicking AI methods", Hyunwook Kang