High Technolgy Manufacturing & Automation

• Tool Modeling & Design

We design semiconductor manufacturing tool operating practices (especially for clustered photolithography tools) using Axiomatic Design principles and analyze the resulting designs. Starting from a system-level perspective, that accounts for issues relevant to practical operation such as transient behavior, we seek theoretically  sound and practically applicable designs.

• Production  Control

Our research in the characterization and production control of high tech (e.g., semiconductor and LCD) manufacturing consists of two thrusts, one in theory and the  other in applications. On the theoretical side, we use queuing theory and stochastic control to analyze and control system variance. As an application of our  research, we develop production control algorithms starting with a system-level perspective and employ axiomatic design. We work towards practically  implementable and theoretically based policies that nevertheless incorporate a host of often neglected system behaviors.

Service System

• Port Services


Design of Port Services with Dramatically Increased Throughput

Application of axiomatic design to port design

Port operation analysis

Productivity evaluation

• Service Classification

Find characteristics, taxonomy, class, classification, model of service business.

Construct service strategy and positioning by the use of classification

Service analysis with service science